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Knowledge community - What is it?

  • Knowledge Communities are made up of groups of professionals, practitioners, experts or technicians whether seniors or juniors facing similar work challenges and learning opportunities.

  • Knowledge Communities are bounded by a domain of knowledge to facilitate building and leveraging trusted relationships within and across the business segments, departments and disciplines.

  • Knowledge Communities have porous boundaries enabling broader collaboration and engagement in peer-to-peer problem solving.

  • Knowledge Communities act as organisational memory to retain the know-why, know-what and know-how of the organisation to secure the critical and the business core knowledge.

  • Knowledge Communities promote sharing and collaboration behaviours and are central for building an open, inclusive and diverse culture.

  • Knowledge Communities increase the company productivity by re-using solutions to recurrent and common problems. They also provide new insights and solutions by tapping into the collective intelligence of the expert network.

knowledge community - What i can do?

  • In my daily work i have a question, my community is here to answer back. In return, i will conclude my question, identify the helpful answers and provide feedback on what worked well.

  • While executing a customer project, i have faced a problem, my community is here to troubleshoot the issue and propose a solution. In return, i will share back insights on the solution's impact and the result.

  • During a process reengineering initiative, i have a idea for improvement? My community is here to test and validate my concept. In return, i will keep my community updated with the new reengineered process.

  • After attending a technical training on a new product, i require more information on the product? My community is here to provide learnings and the necessary know-how. In return, i will document and share tutorials on the new product.

Knowledge communities - How they can help in knowledge transfer?

  • A knowledge transfer is the process by which a critical expertise/ skill is identified to be developed and transferred from a senior to a junior, to a newly formed team or another site.

  • Unlike traditional knowledge transfer processes, the community based approach is a one-to-many process where the mentee act as a mediator/ facilitator to capture the know-how and share it back to the whole community maximising the learnings and the benefits.

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