Leveraging the community expertise into capabilities

Are you developing the right Business-driven set of behaviours and capabilities from your collaboration?

3R knowledge management methodology promotes the development of new behaviours in a networked working mode and elevates the community expertise to people capabilities that gives the company a competitive advantage.

3R Knowledge Services

Inclusive Roadmap and Methodology

A strategic and interactive visualization session will be conducted to identify a clear direction (desired state) of collaboration in your company. The purpose of this session is to build bonds of trust among stakeholders by moving from theoretical enthusiasm to concrete actions / initiatives.

Robust Knowledge Architecture

The enterprise knowledge architecture is a representation of the business core knowledge areas. This helps to understand the flow of knowledge from one area to another, the interfaces as well as human interactions. Have you organized the areas of your core business knowledge? Our expertise and creativity sessions can help you obtain the knowledge architecture of your organization.

Organizational Network Analysis

Unlike most other KM consulting approaches, 3R Knowledge Consulting methodology is mainly focused on people, aiming at the development of expertise and the tacit exchange of knowledge. Have you implemented collaborative indicators? What do informal interactions between your employees look like? Our expertise and creativity sessions can help you define collaborative indicators and therefore measure the return on relationships and collaboration.