Organizational Agility: Enterprise Knowledge Architecture

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Enterprise Knowledge Architecture

Organizational agility can be achieved when visualizing, formalizing hidden networks of expertise, and architecting enterprise knowledge. 3R Knowledge Architecture is a proprietary methodology that represents the business core knowledge areas and their relationships. It helps to understand the flow of knowledge from one area to another, the knowledge interfaces as well as the human expertise.

What are the applications of the enterprise knowledge architecture?

Mapping the Business Activities and Processes

The enterprise knowledge architecture identifies and maps the required knowledge to execute the business activities and processes.

Governing the Knowledge Communities

The enterprise knowledge architecture acts a foundation to the definition and the governance of the knowledge communities.

Finding Critical Knowledge

The enterprise knowledge architecture helps in locating and finding critical knowedge in reusable context (i.e. solutions to similar and/ or related problems)

Have you organized the areas of your core business knowledge? And would you like to design your own enterprise knowledge architecture?

The knowledge architecture is the foundation for any knowledge management work and knowledge communities. The 3R propreietary methodology and creativity sessions can help you to design the knowledge architecture of your organization. Engage with our experts to setup an initial assessment session and start the journey of your enterprise knowledge architecture.